Puttify – How to play

1: Preparation

Before starting a game you have to prepare the playing field.

  • Mark up distances 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 meters from the disc golf basket
  • Pick 5 preferably similar putters

2: New game

Start a new game by pressing “New game”

2: Choose rounds

Puttify supports games with 5, 10 or 20 rounds.

Select 5, 10 or 20 rounds

2: Choose players

You choose players before starting the game.

Create players

Choose 1-10 participants by clicking each player

Start game

3: Playing the game

You always throw all 5 discs from the same distance and always start at 10 meters.

Once you have thrown all 5 discs you input the number of successful throws

View hitting percentages for all distances during the game

Depending on how many successful throws you manage to make, the app will tell you which distance to throw from next time its your turn as well as counting your score.

  • If you miss all throws you go to 5 meters next time.
  • If you make 1 successful throw you go to 6 meters.
  • If you make 2 successful throws you go to 7 meters
  • And so forth…

All players take turns throwing 5 discs and recording sunk putts in the app.

Points are given for every successful throw matching the number of meters you throw from.

  • Every successful 5 meter throw yields 5 points.
  • Every successful 6 meter throw yields 6 points.
  • And so forth…

Via the options menu it is possible to undo the last entered score.

5: Winning

When the chosen number of rounds have been played, the player with most points will be the winner.

The players will be listed in decreasing score order and the final hitting percentages will be listed for all distances

Remember to save the scores before ending the game if you wish to track your progress

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